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Jetstar out of pocket even if it wins wheelchair appeal

Leonie Lamont
The Age, April 26, 2012
Emailing: 002_hi res.jpg  Jetstar A320
Emailing: 002_hi res.jpg Jetstar A320
Jetstar's business model of a low-cost airline is at stake if they're shown to have unlawfully discriminated. JETSTAR may well be pondering how many extra wheelchairs it could have provided for disabled passengers, as it weighs the dollar cost of what constitutes ''public interest'' in a disability discrimination stoush in the Federal Court.
Jetstar and Virgin Australia have been accused of discrimination by Sheila King, 78, who is reliant on a wheelchair as a result of post-polio syndrome, and a car crash in 2008. At stake is the business model of the low-cost airlines, which restrict wheelchair-assisted passengers to two per flight.

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NSW wheelchair user wins taxi battle

The Age, March 30, 2011

A disabled man's five year battle over wheelchair standards for taxis has ended in victory. Wheelchair user Greg Killeen says he has found it difficult to catch a cab for several years, because there was not enough space for him and his wheelchair in four out of 10 taxis said to be wheelchair accessible. Out of frustration he wrote to politicians about the issue, and lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission.

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The below Newspaper Articles outline important issues recorded in leading newspapers for people using mobility aids in the community. These articles have been compiled by Scoot, Wheel n' Move member John Van Delft. 19/03/2012

New Croydon map set to spin wheels


CROYDON might not seem like a difficult place to get around but have you tried it on wheels? Maroondah's Scoot Wheel 'n' Move group, a self-help community organisation for disabled residents, knows that for those in wheelchairs or mobility scooters things can be tricky.
With that in mind the group is about to launch its Croydon mobility map, designed to show those with mobility aids the easiest ways to get around the suburb.
Scoot Wheel 'n' Move member Geoff Panckhurst said the group had worked closely with Maroondah Council after seeing how other councils across Victoria had printed similar maps.
As a mobility scooter user for more than 15 years, Mr Panckhurst can recall how intimidating it was to get out and about when he first started using it. He hopes the map will help others avoid similar concerns.
"It will give people using scooters and wheelchairs more confidence in getting about the community," he said.
The fold-out map largely covers the Main Street shopping precinct and highlights where there is accessible parking and toilets, public transport, wheelchair-friendly entrances, pharmacies and community buildings.
The map will be officially launched at 10am on November 7 at Maroondah Federation Estate. Mr Panckhurst and Independence Australia's Jenny Sykes will be speaking.

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Maroondah Weekly 18/10/2011