Scoot Wheel ’n’ Move are a group of people who work together to improve access and safety, to create change for an inclusive and welcoming community. The group consists of individuals who require a mobility aid (such as a wheelchair, scooter or walking frame), individuals who support someone who requires a mobility aid, parents with prams and other interested people across the Eastern Metropolitan Region.


When we meet we

• Discuss issues/ challenges that we face as individuals and as a group
• Work together to address issues
• Have guest speakers to talk about specific topics of interest
• Share information
• Increase community awareness


Scoot Wheel ‘n’ Move Achievements

• Maintaining your Mobility in Maroondah booklet
• Mobility Expo 2006
• Recharge points in the City of Maroondah


Meeting time and location

We meet on the third Monday of every month from 10am to 11.30am
Maroondah Federation Estate
32 Greenwood Ave, Ringwood 3134
Scoot Wheel ‘n’ Move meetings are open and welcome to anyone.


If you would like more information please contact

Dan Newnham
Community Development Worker
each - Social and Community Health
2/254 Cantebury Rd, Bayswater, 3153
Phone 03-9871-1850 | Fax 03-9876-0100
Mobile 0406 066 423 | Email dnewnham@each.com.au

Background Information

Good Practice Community Engagement in the Outer East - Maroondah City Council & Scoot Wheel ‘n’ Move (2008)

Report courtesy of the Swinburne University

The need for better facilities and services for persons dependent on wheelchairs was identified by Maroondah residents in June 2005. A small working group (lets talk
and do something) was formed by interested community members (4) and service providers (4). As a starting point the group began to define and identify the issues
surrounding wheelchair use. From this beginning, common themes started to emerge:
1. Safety/ getting around
2. Resources/ information
3. Social/ health
4. Awareness raising

These themes were explored in more detail through a focus group discussion. The sessions were facilitated by motorised scooter and electric wheelchairs users with
support from service providers. Council volunteers took on the role of scribes.
• The focus group documented issues for existing and potential motorised scooter & electric wheelchair users, and their potential solutions.
• Participants were also asked to become involved in a bigger working group to look at the feasibility and implementation of actions from the focus group discussion.
• Information was documented and sent out to all participants.

The working group looked at models of engagement utilising “A guide to gathering qualitative information for Community Strengthening” developed by the Wellness
Promotion Unit from Victoria University and adopted the “Vic Market” approach to community engagement. This approach utilises a number of stalls to canvas community
views and investigated questions surrounding the identified issues.

An information Tent was set up for the purpose of wider community consultation. It housed all related resources and materials. Surrounding the Information tent were four
stalls, all related to specific issues identified in the focus group:
• Stall One: Safety/ Getting Around
• Stall Two: Resources/ information
• Stall Three: Social/ Health
• Stall Four: Awareness Raising

At each stall participants were provided with a list of issues that had been identified by the working group. Other prompt questions were provided to stimulate the discussion.
These included:
• What else can you suggest?
• What have you found has worked well? Some positive examples
• Can you offer solutions, actions to the above mentioned?
• What are the long term issues/ concerns/ suggestions? Can you prioritise them?
• What are the short term issues/ concerns, suggestion? Can you prioritise them?

Discussion had to be centred around the theme identified for that particular stall. If discussion was getting off track, the facilitator would request that the participants move
along to the next stall were their particular issue/ solution would be recorded.

Sixty participants took part in two sessions. Participants ranged from:
• Local interested residents
• Carers
• Motorised scooter & electric wheelchair users
• Physiotherapists/ occupational therapists
• Mobility aid suppliers/ manufactures
• Disability support service providers/ peak bodies
• Access consultants
• Local Government representatives.

Information was collated and a discussion paper was developed October 2005. Interested participants came together in December 2005 to determine how to proceed,
identify key themes and appropriate projects which could be worked on collaboratively.

The team developed thee projects and participants became involved in projects that interested them:
• Access to local shopping centres (Eastland)
• Mobility Access Expo
• Information Booklet

The Scoot Move and Wheel Groups’ Achievements:

Access to local Shopping Centres:
• The group looked at the shopmobility concept which is operating at Knox Shopping Centre as a potential solution to improve access to local shopping
• Access to Eastland for people with high complex physical supports needs was investigated
• Contact was made with Eastland Centre Management making them aware of the Scoot Wheel ‘n’ Move Group
• Development and & circulation of a survey to more comprehensively identify community needs with respect to shopping centre access
• Survey findings and recommendations were presented to Eastland Centre Management and is being considered as part of the Eastland redevelopment.
• Implementation of the ReCharge Scheme (allowing electric wheelchairs to be recharged from locally accessible electricity points) amongst all local Shopping

Mobility Access Expo
• The group met February 2006 to discuss many ideas for the expo – the theme being Informative & Interactive
• The group members approached all their contacts eg: scooter suppliers, Occupational Therapists, local bus company and asked them to get involved.
• The group planned when and where the Expo would take place and who the target audience would be.
• Developed an all inclusive logo and promotion material eg: flags, vest, key rings
• Scoot Wheel ‘n’ Move members where involved in all aspects of the Expo from set up, making up showbags, catering, car park attendants, registration desk….
• The successful expo, held in December 2006 attracted over 250 visitor.

Information Booklet – ‘Maintaining Your Mobility in Maroondah’
• The group met in February 2006 to share their experiences and knowledge about developing publications.
• The target group for the booklet was identified as existing and potential motorised scooter and electric wheelchair users.
• The group identified that is was to include local information also photographs of group members in the local community in the publication.
• From the photographs a series of posters were also developed by way of promotion.
• While developing the booklet the group formed a strong relationship with VicRoads.

Scoot Wheel ‘n’ Move Focus Areas 2007
• ReCharge Program
• Promotion – Maintaining Your Mobility in Maroondah Booklet
• Maroondah/ Knox Community Safety Month Activities
• Mobility Maps

Other Links
• Mobility and Way Finding Signage Strategy
• Maroondah Pedestrian Strategy *Involved in the planning process
• Croydon Town Centre Structure Plan Steering Committee
• Ringwood Station Redevelopment
• VCOSS Accessible Transport Project
• Group members interviewed as part of DVC Regional Volunteering and Civic Participation Project
• Group members part of a DVD about how Scoot Wheel ‘n’ Move got started – interviewed & filmed by people with disabilities
• Invited by local supplier (VHHE Victoria Home Heath & Equipment Mobile repairs) to comment on plans for a local Scooter & Wheelchair test track.